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Application and demonstration of Cohesive bandage

Cohesive bandage-Leg

Cohesive bandage-Ankle

Cohesive bandage-Elbow

Cohesive bandage-Knee

Cohesive bandage-Hand

Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage

1. Cohesive Elstic Bandage(wrap) :

A cohesive bandage fabricated according to a method comprising the steps of providing at least one layer of woven fabric and applying a coating containing polybutylacryate ester and alkyphenyl polyethylene glycol ether to at least one fabric face is disclosed. In one embodiment, the coating is applied by an airless method microselectively in statistical distribution where the quantity of coating is controlled by pump pressure. Alternatively, an aqueous dispersion of polybutyl acrylate ester and carboxymethyl cellulose is microselectively and cohesively coated on both sides of the fabric by screen printing to produce a regular dot pattern on both faces of the fabric.

1. GUARDFLEX ® will not slip;Provide controlled compression;
2.Water resistant,will not loose in sweat or water.
3.Available in sterile and non-sterile styles.
4.Latex,Latex Free available.
5.Blister pack or other special pack available.
6.Removed Latex odor.

1..Material: Cotton or non woven gauze)
3.Color: 10 colors
6.Blastic packing:individually packed in cellophane

7.Note:personalized specifications as possible as customer's request.

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