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Sport muscle fabric

 The Youth Olympic Games, many viewers have found a strange phenomenon, there are a lot of players with a special "blanket", strip shape, gorgeous color, attracted a lot of attention, which in the end is what kind of things? With questions, the reporter interviewed the relevant sports experts.
"This is called an intramuscular patch, also known as a sports muscle patch, developed for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. The utility model has the advantages of flexibility, blood circulation and lymph flow under the skin, and the utility model has the function of treating muscle pain. In the Youth Olympic Games, many athletes who have injuries will use. In the past few years, the application of the paste is widely used."
Since 2000, the effect of muscle paste in the clinical application of foreign countries has gradually been attached importance to, it is not like the traditional Chinese medicine plaster or drug, so it is not easy to have skin allergies or maladaptive situation. But its effect is the most amazing design from itself with tension and elasticity, whether it is affixed to Buben "cloth" or the upper layer is affixed to the skin of the "glue", are in accordance with the biomechanical and physiological mechanism design, so the quality of the treatment effect is very large.
Experts, and now this cloth is used for athletes, because they once appear joint sprain, muscle strain, also had to train and competition, can only stick. However, the application of this type of cloth is not only more than athletes, for non athletes experiencing muscle soreness, strain, etc., can also be used." But experts remind you, "the effect of the patch patch of the law need to learn, if not very troublesome, so it is generally used in the medical team."
With the Youth Olympic athletes said in an interview, for them, the psychological effect of sticking cloth is greater than the actual effect, the main is to give us a sense of security, put up after the psychological is not afraid of being hurt."

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